About Us

This site is intended to help those who want to keep the Sabbath out of love for God and make it a special day that differs from the rest of the 'working' week. This site will not help you get to heaven, but hopefully help you come closer to God, your family, friends and the community.

This site will always remain free for Sabbath keepers around the world and continue to evolve.
However, if you'd like to offer some financial support towards the costs associated with this service, you are more then welcome to send a donation. No matter how big or small - it's all equally appreciated.

The Imagination

The SabbathIdeas.org collection was created by the multi-award winning creative writer Scott Wegener. He is a stay-at-home dad, Seventh-day Adventist who lives in Melbourne, Australia and encourages everyone to ‘Be joyful always!’.

Among other creative projects, Scott is also the author of the creative book and smart phone apps "Things to Do In Theme Park Queues", the inventor of Sport on a Pool Table, and the key thinker of the corporate creative ideas service "Brainwave Orchard".

The Designer

The classy logo, app icons, backgrounds and ads were all designed by Creative Shell . All the things that look average Scott has probably done himself. A huge thank you goes out to Shelley from Creative Shell.

Shelley is a freelance designer living in the mid north coast of NSW. She has a passion for design and photography and loves to try new things! From logo design to photo retouching, Creative Shell does it all. Contact her today to discuss your design needs: www.creativeshell.com.au

Serious Objections
If you strongly disagree with an suggestion listed on Sabbath Ideas, please write to me and I'll consider your words of advice. Don't forget to read this first.

This site is a completely independent ministry. It has no affiliation with any religious organization. It receives no funding or direction from any organization. While Scott is a Seventh-day Adventist, the ideas and view presented on Sabbath Ideas may not be in line with the official Seventh-day Adventist church - however, if you see such a thing, please let me know :)