Play 77 Questions

This is like 20 questions but you're meant to pick something very difficult (but not impossible) for others to guess. Choose a very specific object which was either mentioned in the Bible or you know would have been present in the scene of a story in the Bible. However the item chosen must be something everyone playing would have heard of and be able to figure out would be present in the Bible story. For example, it could be the lock on John's jail cell - it's not mentioned specifically but everyone would assume would be there.
Then, everyone else must only ask Yes or No questions to try and figure out what you've chosen. You'll be surprised how obscure an item people can guess purely form Yes or No questions.
TIP: If the the group is not getting close at all, remind them to start with very broad questions first and narrow down slowly. Example" "is it a human" or "is it in the new testament" are good early guesses, asking "is is a carrot" early on is too specific and does not help direct your questions at all. And no, you don't need to count the guesses - just keep going!