Give a Forgiveness Ticket

Know an area where people regularly get a parking tickets? Write some forgiveness notes to put under the wipers next to the real ticket.
It could say something like the following:

"I'm sorry to see you got a parking ticket, it's probably ruined a nice time out for you. You've probably done far worse in you life than this, and deserve far worse consequences, but it is such a blessing to know Jesus paid for all your and my sins so that we might have eternal life in a perfect world - the way life was intended to be lived. I'm not a rich person but email me at [insert email] with to code word "[insert a unique code word to keep track of people who can email you, like 'GRACE' ]" and I'll Paypal you $10 towards your parking ticket to help lighten your day. Serious!
You don't deserve this offer (just like we don't deserve salvation from our sins), but just like the gift of Salvation through Jesus, you only need accept to receive this free offer.
Happy Sabbath"

You don't necessarily need to offer the money, or could offer more or less to adjust the impact of the note. And also, it is possible you'll receive an abusive email in return, or even fake emails asking for separate $10s, so keep track of offers with a code word.