Go Geocaching

Go out Geocaching in God's creation (e.g. not in a town) with your family or friends. Perhaps to somewhere that requires a considerable walk through nature to get to.

What's Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt that requires either a hand-held GPS, a smart phone (with GPS capabilities) or Google Maps aerial photos to help you find hidden ‘treasures’.
There are more than 2 million ‘caches’ hidden around the world and more than 5 million people have so far taken part in the hunt during the first 10 years after its beginnings in the year 2000.
Geocaches are hidden all around us – on every continent (yes, including Antarctica) and are found in more than 100 countries.
In fact, you will have passed closely by 100’s of caches without even knowing they were there!

Why Cache?
There are a number of reasons more than 5 million people have taken part in geocaching. It could be any or all of the following:

• The Challenge – the observational and mental challenge of finding cleverly hidden caches.
• The Destinations – the unique and sometimes spectacular destinations the caches are located at, which you would have never visited otherwise.
• The History – the historical locations caches can be hidden at, and the information about that spot presented in the cache’s listing.
• The Family/Social Time– a time that can be spent socialising together on the journey to each cache.
• Adding Purpose/Interest – going for a walk or to a park, and having the added goal of finding a geocache can make an otherwise uneventful walk/visit that little more fun.

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